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Our Services

The first step in taking up our dog walking services below would be done through an initial free consultation to ensure that you are happy with the quality of the services we can provide you and that we can gain as much information from you regarding your pets needs, routines and personality. This consultation will take place either at your home or in a place thats is convenient for you, your pet will need to be present at this time.

Following the consultation and you are happy to proceed in making a booking I will give you a service contract which asks for various details for your pets security including your details, emergency contact details, regular vets details and of course details of your pets needs. We can schedule your first sessions straight away but before the first session begins I will need the completed and signed paperwork returned to me so that I have all the necessary information to care for your dog in the way you would like him/her cared for.

Dog Walking

Whether its due to work commitments, illness/injury or a social occasion we all have times where we would need to leave our pets behind, we understand that this can be traumatic for both you and your dog. If you would like your dog to have company during the day or evening we offer a day walking service where your best friend will have exercise and company for a period of the day when you are unable to be there for them and you can rest assured your furry friend will be treated like part of the family. 

Our price for this service is £10 for a 1 hour walk.

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