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Why you should socialize your dog

I am a firm believer in dog socialization and have seen dogs literally transforming from being shy and insecure little dogs to happily inviting other pets for a play and run.

Dogs communicate through instinct and energy, for this reason socialization is utterly essential for every dog to keep the canine communication of how to interact with each other!


  • Socialization lays a foundation for a well-balanced dog

  • Socialization provides strong mental health

  • Socialization takes away fear of unusual or new circumstances

  • Decreases the risk of running away

  • Better grooming, better vet visits 

  • More exercise – through play and run

  • Friendlier to other people and pets

  • Your pet will be happier if socialized to a variety of people – dogs – and situations

  • A more balanced – calm and happy dog! 

Other Key Advantages

Hiring a dog walker can have some amazing benefits and advantages for both you and your furry friend, below are just some of the standout advantages!

Your dog gets:

·        The workout that your dog needs in order to be healthy and happy. 

·        A regular routine.

·        Mental stimulation to help your dog become better behaved.

·       Develops socialization - the power of the pack walk

·        Time with someone who is attuned to your pet’s needs and educated in canine behaviors.

·        A needed break to relieve excess energy and break up their day. 

You get:

·        A happier and calmer dog. 

·        Peace of mind that your dog is being cared for by a professional.

·        Pick-up service 

·        Reliable and responsible service